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Availability List

Abelia, Edward Gaucher-1g Holly, Compacta-3g Magnolia, Coco-7g 3ft.
Azalea, Amagasa-1g Holly, Dwarf Youpon-3g Magnolia, Little Gem-7g 3ft
Barberry, Crimson Pygmy-1g Holly, Helleri-3g Miscanthus Adagio-3g
Barberry, Crimson Pygmy-3g Holly, Sky Pencil-3g Miscanthus Cabaret-3g
Barberry, Dwf. Golden-2g Holly, Soft Touch-1g Miscanthus Gracillimus-3g
Boxwood, Winter Gem-3g Holly, Soft Touch-3g Miscanthus Varigatus-3g
Burning Bush-3g Hydrangea, Oakleaf-3g Muhly Grass-3g
Cryptomeria, Yoshino-2g Illicium Parviflorum-3g Nandina, Compacta-3g
Cypress, Boulevard-2g Itea, Henry Garnet-3g Nandina, Dwf. Firepower-1g
Cypress, Goldmop-3g Jasmine Nudiflorum Winter-3g Nandina Dwf. Firepower-3g
Cypress, Leyland-3g Juniper, Blue Pacific-1g Pampas, Grass Dwf.-3g
Daylily, Fairytale Pink-1g Juniper, Blue Rug-1g Panicum "Shenandoah"-3g
Daylily, Joan Senior-1g Laurel, Zabel-3g Privet, Varigated-3g
Daylily, Little Grapette-1g Ligustrum, Curly Leaf-3g Rose, Nearly Wild-3g
Daylily, Siloam Dbl Classic-1g Ligustrum, Wax Leaf-3g Spirea, Anthony Waterer-3g
Daylily, Happy Returns-1g Liriope, Big Blue-1g (Available Spring) Spirea, Gold Mound-1g
Daylily, Mini Pearl-1g Liriope, Monroe White-1g Spirea, Gold Mound-3g
Daylily, Tootsie Rose-1g Liriope, Varigated-1g (Available Spring) Thuja, Green Giant-3g
Dogwood, Red Stem-3g Loropetalum, Burgunday-1g Thuja, Smardg-3g
Forsynthia, Golden Times-3g Loropetalum, Burgundy Lace-3g Tea Olive, Fortune-3g
Gardenia, Kliens-3g Loropetalum, Chinense-3g Tea Olive, Fruitlandi-3g
Gardenia, Radican-3g Loropetalum, Ruby-3g Tea Olive, Sweet-1g
Hameln Grass-1g Loropetalum, Zhuzhou-1g Viburnum, Chindo-3g
Holly, Carrisa-3g Magnolia, Claudia Wan.-15g 5ft Viburnum, Shoshoni-3g


 Note: This is only a partial availability list.  For an updated list and prices please email Ed Hines at ed@edhinesnursery.com or call (864) 574-2090.       


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